Location-Based Gaming, Audio Augmented Reality, Games for the Blind, Accessibility, Audiogame

10-2003 / 03-2004

Commisioned by:
Bartiméus - Accessibility

Extra Credits:
Yishay Cohen, Jolanda Dekker, Arnout Hulskamp, Cees Taal, Wouter Verspaget



- Demor Video showing a blind person playing the game, explaining the system and giving an impression of the actual in-game-experience:

Quicktime Movie (9,5 mb)
Windows Media ( 9,1 mb)

Demor has made it on the Dutch television for a few times:

- Demor on the Dutch National News
(Quicktime Movie, 09-03-2004)

- Demor on the Dutch National News for Children
(Quicktime Movie, 09-03-2004)

- Demor on the Dutch Commercial TV
(Quicktime Movie, 11-03-2004)

"Demor is one of the most interesting game projects we have seen in 2004... It's a neat, clever, intriguing invention and one we hope to see refined still further."

EDGE Magazine. Issue 136 - '04

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Demor is a location based 3D audio shooting game that is equally enjoyable for both blind as sighted players. The main aim of the game is to entertain, but it is also an attempt to improve the emancipation of the visually impaired and their integration in the 'sighted' world. Demor is a proof of concept based on both theoretical and practical research.

As the game starts, the player finds himself situated in the center of a 3D audio shooting game. Players can physically move through the auditory surroundings and hear the different sound objects in their relative positions around them. These sound objects include environmental elements like the sound of a creek or the songs of birds. As the player moves through the game these environmental sounds remain in their geographical place and can function as navigational aids.

Other growling noises represent the mutants, these are the bad guys that need to be eliminated before they have a chance to approach and kill the player. By using these and other standard 3D shooter ingredients in combination with an innovative interface concept, a game was created that is enjoyable for visually impaired as well as sighted players.

To play the game, the player is equipped with a backpack containing a laptop, a GPS receiver, a head tracker, headphones and a modified joystick. By using both locative and directional sensors the software can continuously update de spatial audio feedback to accurately reflect the user's position and direction in the virtual space, creating a kind of auditory virtual reality. The playing arena can be any large, empty outdoor space, such as a soccer field. The system initializes itself after a first press on the joystick button; the 3D auditory environment will then unfold itself around the player.

Demor was developed as an European Media Master of Arts (EMMA) project at the Utrecht School of Art and Technology for the Accessibility department of the Bartiméus Institute for the Blind.

For more information on this project, please visit the Demor website.

DEMOR - Location-based 3D Audiogame

A visually impaired girl playing Demor on a soccer field

Demor hardware consisting of: a backpack containing a laptop PC, stereo headphones with a headtracker on top, a GPS receiver and a modified joystick.