3D physical light sculpture, Wixels


Photo credits:
Barwerd van der Plas

Campbell Barton, Dirk van Oosterbosch, Dolf Veenvliet, Theodore Watson


A video registration of Wixel Cloud experiments @ K46 Amsterdam,†early 2008:

Watch the HD version of Wixel Cloud experiments on Vimeo!

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Wixel Cloud

Wixel Cloud is a physical 3D light sculpture that consists of 75 Wixels†(wireless pixels) composed in a cloud like formation in a 3x1x1 meter space. Within this physical shape, there is a limitless amount of motion and colour combinations available to dramatically affect its appearance and the atmosphere of the space itís placed in.

This piece resulted from our efforts to investigate the specific challenges and opportunities associated with constructing and controlling such fragmented light sculptures. Rather than just mapping a moving two-dimensional image onto our three-dimensional arrangement, we set out to find a method of control specifically suited for these types of spatial compositions. Using open source environments like Blender†+ Python and openFrameworks, we developed control software that takes into account the spatial coordinates of the individual Wixels.

In addition to their direct aesthetic value such sculptures employ the well known quality of motion, light and colours to affect atmosphere and mood. Depending on the kind of content on display this impact ranges from the subtle to the magical. Based on our experience with Wixel Cloud we are looking forward to create other active and reactive/interactive Wixel sculptures [update - which we did! Check out our work Swarm created for an interactive light art exhibition].

Watch the video of Wixel Cloud experiments on Vimeo!

Wixel Cloud @ K46, Amsterdam

Wixel Cloud close-up showing soft colours