Blendid Interaction Design:

Blendid is a collective of David Kousemaker & Tim Olden, interaction designers with overlapping interests when it comes to interface design. Experienced in realizing projects in different areas of the creative digital field, Blendid is most interested in designs that allow for digital technology to escape the more traditional interfaces that make use of a mouse, a keyboard and a screen.

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TouchMe @ digifest 2005

Contribute your personal image to the public space at digifest. By pressing your body or objects against the art piece TouchMe you will leave your imprint for others to see. The premise for TouchMe is the enhancement of the relation between people and public spaces.

David has represented Blendid at the New Voices art and design exhibition at digifest 2005 (May 13th -25th) in Canada. The pictures below were taken at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto and feature visitors of the exhibition interacting with the installation 'TouchMe':


About Digifest

Digifest is Canada's largest annual festival of design and digital culture. Presented by the Design Exchange (DX), Canada's center for design, the aim of this festival is to present design and digital culture as part of the country's economic and cultural future. Local and international designers and artists are invited to share the latest in cutting edge digital media products and innovations.

Every year New Voices, one of digifest's premiere events, showcases new works by local, Canadian and international innovators working in the realm of digital culture. These exhibitions are presented with our partners at the DX, Harbourfront and the Ontario Science Centre and provide the opportunity for artists and designers to introduce fresh ideas to an extensive audience.

In 2005 digifest is going WILD! Untamed energies - be they natural, cultural, pathological, sexual or other - will be explored as they intersect amid digital cultures and technologies. World renowned theorists, architects, artists, designers and more will converge at digifest 2005 to explore and share what it means to go WILD! within the context of their varied disciplines.

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