Blendid Interaction Design:

Blendid is a collective of David Kousemaker & Tim Olden, interaction designers with overlapping interests when it comes to interface design. Experienced in realizing projects in different areas of the creative digital field, Blendid is most interested in designs that allow for digital technology to escape the more traditional interfaces that make use of a mouse, a keyboard and a screen.

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Latest Updates

Swarm @ Re-ACT - Interactive Light Art - Friday 03. of October 2008

Our freshly completed interactive light sculpture Swarm is currently on show as part of the exhibition Re-ACT. We are very happy to be part of this exhibition of interactive light art at Centrum Kunstlicht in de Kunst (Centre Artificial light in Art) in Eindhoven.

The show will run until January 25th 2009 and will be part of the GLOW art-route.  Big thanks to everybody who helped us out in creating this new work!! :-)

Back from Synthetic Times - Friday 27. of June 2008

We just returned from an amazing trip to Beijing where a brand new high resolution version (special thanks! to Mediamachine and Sony Netherlands) of TouchMe is one of the Dutch contributions to Synthetic Times in The National Art Museum of China.

With the support of V2_ and the local staff in China we set up an installation that was very well received by the exhibition's visitors. Additionally, we got to meet some of the most interesting people in new media arts!

5th Asia-Europe Art Camp: re-Vision Bangkok - Monday 07. of April 2008

Two weeks ago we had the privilege to be part of the 5th Asia-Europe Art Camp: re-Vision Bangkok. This camp was themed around new media art and interactivity and was organised by the Asia-Europe Foundation in partnership with the School of Fine and Applied Arts of Bangkok University and The Art Centre of Silpakorn University.

We had a great time in Bangkok - giving a lecture and a workshop on physical interaction design and guiding the participants (emerging artists and final year students) in their collaborative work. Thanks to everyone involved for making it an incredibly inspiring time!  

TouchMe @ National Art Museum of China - Wednesday 12. of March 2008

We are very happy to announce that TouchMe will be present as part of the exhibition Synthetic Times - Media Art China 2008, which will take place in The National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) in Beijing.

The exhibition is scheduled from June 10th to July 3rd, and will be one of the most important cultural events leading up to the Olympic Games.

Wixel Play @ Cinekid Festival 2007 - Monday 22. of October 2007

For the second year running, Blendid contributed an interactive installation to the Medialab @ Cinekid Festival. This time we were pleased to premiere our ‘Wixels’ in ‘Wixel Play’; an energetic physical computer game. Our ‘Wixels' (wireless pixels) are a brand new platform for a large number of exciting applications. Please return to our site in the next few months to learn more about them!

RFID & Physical Computing Hackers Camp - Monday 01. of October 2007

On invitation of Mediamatic, Blendid joined a selection of talented technology creatives for the RFID & Physical Computing Hackers Camp @ PICNIC’07. In four extremely productive days we hacked together a number of exciting interactive products, which were then showcased at PICNIC’07 Conference/Festival. Blendid worked on the iTea and the Connection Cushion, both of which were designed to create social experiences for the people visiting the conference.

Hidden Depths event: TouchMe @ T Bar - London - Monday 01. of October 2007

September 26, Londoners had their first chance to enjoy TouchMe as it was set up in the T Bar for San Miguel’s first Hidden Depths promotional event.

We hopped the pond on invitation of Purity who also attracted big names like Kid Koala and DJ Yoda

Straitjacket Embrace! - Interface Creation - Monday 27. of August 2007

For artists Karen Lancel & Hermen Maat’s Straitjacket Embrace! project we designed and developed an interface solution that exploits RFID technology to sense a users movement within an actual straitjacket. Lancel & Maat use Blendid’s custom hard- and software to create an audio-visual installation that “deals with experiences of the fear and desire of others in public spaces and the ways that we feel socially connected or disconnected”.

Straitjacket Embrace! celebrates its first exhibition in Watermans New Media gallery in London.

Winning pitch @ Innovation Lab 2006 - Wednesday 29. of November 2006

After participating in the MediaGuild's Innovation Lab week, with our project SoundWorld, we are proud to announce that Blendid is the winner of the 10.000 euro support grant to further our development of the project. SoundWorld aims to add a layer of spatial audio to an existing cultural institution to augment the visitors’ experience. 

Blendid would like to thank the MediaGuild, ICT Regie, the Innovation Lab mentors and our fellow participants for a stimulating and fruitful week. 

TouchMe @ De Zwijger & Cinekid 2006 - Monday 25. of September 2006

Tomorrow we will present a small-scale version of 'TouchMe' and some of our other work at de official opening of Pakhuis de Zwijger. Meet us at the MediaGuild on the 5th floor.

We're also pleased to announce that 'TouchMe' is part of this year's Cinekid Festival. We will bring a 2 meter wide version for the kids to play with. Push the button from sunday 22nd till 29th of October!